24 March 2008

Scangauge II - The 3-in-1 Automotive Computer

Today I installed a Scangauge II in my Peugeot 107.
More info about the SGII, click here.

26 February 2008

CityBugClub - There is only one original!!

I'm the owner of The Dutch CityBugClub for two months now and at the moment I have to concluded that I don't have the time to combine this blog and my forum.

But this blog is a resource of information and I think it's usefull to keep it online. So I will keep it online!!

If you are interested in the latest news, accessories, modifications, info, tuning and styling, you have to visit The Dutch CityBugClub. We have it all!!

Foreign visitors are more than welcome.
The Dutch CityBugClub

CityBugClub - There is only one original!!

31 January 2008

Megaron 3D Tour

Ronny Hendrichs is well know for his very nice pictures of his red Aygo.
I have posted pictures made by him before on my blog.

But this time he made a "3D Tour" impression of his red Aygo.
Personally I think it is very nice. Keep up the good work Ronny!!

I've been given personal permission by Ronny to post this on my blog.
I can't show the 3D Tour here on my blog, so click on the link below.
Megaron 3D Tour

22 December 2007


The website of my new Dutch CityBugClub is online since today.
I will "fill-up" the website with lot's of stuff very soon.
So check out the new website and it's forum!!
• Link: www.CityBugClub.nl

29 November 2007

Gespot: De bus van Sinterklaas

Object: De bus van Sinterklaas
Datum: 29/11/2007
Tijd: 09.03 uur
Plaats: Schiphol

Klik op de afbeelding voor een vergroting

31 October 2007

First 1 year service for my Peugeot 107

Yesterday my Peugeot 107 had his first 1 year service.
The milage after 1 year is 13.373km (8.310 mile).

My Peugeot 107 got a full service including new engine oil and a new oilfilter.
So everything is OK for his second year!!

18 October 2007

Dutch CityBug Forum

The former owner of the Dutch Aygo Forum has announced that he will stop with the forum and he was looking for somebody to keep the forum online. I was very interested to take over the forum so I made an agreement with Rob, the former owner, that I will take over the forum. Rob did a good job in the past 1.5 year, the forum has grown to a community of almost 500 members nowadays.

In the coming weeks I will add the Dutch CityBug Forum to my collections of websites and everything will be ready before X-mas. I'm very happy with this new addition to my collection of websites. And I want to thank Rob again for everything.

More info will follow!!

05 October 2007

This is nice for your kids: Colouring Aygo

I found a PDF-file of a colouring Aygo.
Click here to download the file.

143pcs of the Toyota Aygo

I found some pictures and info about the introduction of the Toyota Aygo in Holland. During the Red Bull Airrace in Rotterdam in 2005 all the Dutch Toyota dealers received one Aygo for their showroom.